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Yo! Thanks for responding to my video, ive been getting a shit ton of feedback on that lately and might do a pt.2 if folks really want me to.

yes im still living in Portland.

If you feel compelled/called to come out here do it!…Seriously.Who knows what the universe might have in store for you personally or whatever.

No i don’t want to be here anymore, but being here has been so so so so so so so necessary for my personal growth, i don’t think id be who i am at all had i not come out to this place on a whim 6 years ago. I can go more into that if you want.

Ive met a bunch of black people who want to GTFO of here as well as some who’d never leave.

The racism and general assholery here is like anywhere else but is extremely passive aggressive and hard for some people to pick up initially. What white folks here don’t understand is how that shit silences POC making it even more racist in a weird way.

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-Fuck Yeah aesthetically pleasing bodies in aesthetically appealing settings and situations.

please add to the list,


(aka. black broke lonely bitter overweight bitch from hell)